On going project focused on the building of a bio-diesel processor at city college to process the waste vegetable oil (WVO) from the cafeterias into usable bio-diesel for the city college  vehicles. By putting to use the used oil from the kitchens we will be hopefully be saving the school money by reducing the amount of fuel they must buy as well as reducing the amount of waste from the kitchens. We are currently looking for students interested in helping out with the continued development of this project.

Chemistry Professor Eric Bullock has been helping to direct and conduct the student research in this area.

Participating Members:
  • Cody Avellon
  • John Hanson
  • Lee Bader
  • Mike Hershfelt
  • Nate M.
  • Spencer Wass
  • Van Arant
  • Wheeler Gans - Project Leader

Please contact us if you were apart of this project and are not listed.

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