The goal was to make an autonomous maze solving robot that was restricted by its dimensions down to a 10 x 10 cm platform. We chose to mount two stepper motors to a piece of carbon fiber, use 4 infrared sensorsfor guidance, and a lithium polymer battery for power. I did all the machining,welding, and fabrication as well as design most of the mouse. The programmersfor the project transferred to UCSB and took the mouse with them.

Micro-Mouse Maze Project (to design and build a computer-controlled robotic mouse to travel in a maze to a target area (for example, to locate and put out a fire) 

Participating Members:
  • Allison Van Pelt - Head of Programming
  • Brian Gibson
  • Colin Darling
  • Disa Prince
  • Mike Hershfelt
  • Nate M.
  • Ryan Bahneman - Head of Electrical Engineering
  • Spencer Wass - Head of Mechanical Engineering
Please contact us if you were apart of this project and are not listed.

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