Wind Turbine

Welcome to the SBCC SLS wind turbine page. After discussing many projects that the club could take on for the Fall 2011 semester Chris Harrel showed the club how someone in a third world country made their own wind turbine: 

It immediately revealed itself as a multidisciplinary project that would promote learning, hands on experience, and group collaboration. Stay tuned for more information.

Participating Members: 
  • Andrew Bache
  • Chris Harrell
  • Chris Morales
  • Colin Martorana
  • Karla Penney
  • Kevin Baragona
  • Melika Rahimi
  • Spencer Wass
  • Tyler Anderson

The proud creator of the blades: Tyler Anderson
Fit and Finish
Chris Morales getting some machine time.
Tyler Anderson figuring things out.
This is a galvanized pipe cap that we machined out in order to insert our bearings and after their muratic acid treatment will be welded into the frame.
The shop
Metal inserts are being glued into the blades to relieve the stress of compression from the plates.
The hub with plates. 
Spencer Wass doing some machining.
Kevin giving Yuri an Arduino tutorial
Presidents Spencer Wass and Andrew Bache, respectively.
Club meeting at Santa Barbara City College with some freshly made blades.

Spencer Wass giving a demo of how the alternator functions.
The vain
This chain and sprocket setup ended up being far too heavy duty and massive.
The 2" outer diameter bearings and the pipe caps they go into.
Just have to machine them out.
The start of the hub.
We like to emphasize safety.
Ready to be bolted to the rotary vice.
Using center drill to start holes.
Drilling pilot hole to tap threads.
Isn't that nice?

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